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NFL Off-season

The season has been over for a few weeks and teams are searching for the top free agents. There are a couple of players who will receive offers from multiple teams and there will be players who may not get picked up this season. The fate of each player depends on his past performance in the NFL, and the value they hold at their position. Some have stood out at their position more than others in the free agency. To provide some insight on what to expect, I have listed the top free agents of the off-season.

Josh Norman, Cornerback (CB), Panthers

Josh Norman, who played phenomenal with the North Carolina Panthers during this past season, is definitely on a bunch of teams radar. The Panthers made an offer to re-sign Norman right before his All-Pro 2015 debut but he declined. Norman believed he would be valued more by the end of the Panthers’ season. Rumor has it that the Panthers’ general manager, Dave Gettleman, has considered putting Norman on a franchise tag. Of course, the fans want Norman to stay with the Panthers but it looks like Norman is looking for more money.

Marvin Jones, Wide Receiver (WR), Bengals

Marvin Jones is one of the best wide receiver options in the pool of free agents. Despite, him being average size for a receiver, his athletic ability was well noticed this past season. He managed to come back this season strong after missing the entire 2014 season due to an ankle injury. Teams are still hesitant to sign Jones because of his past injuries but with the lack of options for the wide receiver position, he will most likely get re-signed to the Bengals.

Muhammad Wilkerson, Defensive end (DE), Jets

Muhammad Wilkerson has dominated the league with his versatile skill set. There are not many players at the defensive end position who hold as much value in the NFL. Wilkerson’s agents are working to secure a long-term offer for $55 million with $33.47 million guaranteed. For the past two seasons, Wilkerson has averaged double-digit sacks since being selected in the 2011 NFL draft.

All three of these players should have no issue getting signed by a team. They all ended up having a spectacular season and would be a great addition to any team who needs to fill a position. The NFL deadline is approaching, so only time will tell the fate of these top free agents.