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New_England_Patriots_wordmark_(c._2000)Roger Goodell and the NFL finally won their appeal against Tom Brady and the “Deflategate” fiasco stemming from the 2015 AFC Championship game. As a result, Brady will be forced to miss the first four games of the season. But don’t think Tom Brady will go down without a fight, much like he did when this whole issue arose after he and the Patriots were crowned Super Bowl XLIX Champions. According to the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe,


“Brady plans to exhaust all of his options to continue this battle with the league and win his innocence. Barring an unforeseen dose of advice from his legal team that causes a drastic about-face, Brady has no intention to quit.”


In case you’re getting caught up, Tom Brady was being investigated for knowing or being “generally aware” of footballs that were deflated for the 2015 AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. It was found at halftime that the PSI rating was below what should be the normal average. The Patriots went on to win the game 45 – 7. The game will be remembered as one of the most lopsided playoff victories in AFC title history.


Tom Brady and the Patriots have done so much in their time together. They’ve made six trips to the Super Bowl while winning four. A lot of people are following this story because it involves the biggest star of the most popular sport in America. A U.S. Senator is even calling out the NFL to release PSI numbers to aid Brady and the Patriots. U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen believes that if the NFL is going to enforce a punishment against Brady, then they need to actually prove he and the team deflate footballs.


This story is obviously developing and should have some more twists and turns along the journey. It’s expected since Brady has made it abundantly clear that he will not roll over and let the NFL win. He vehemently believes in his innocence and for a quarterback that has won it all so many times, it makes sense. Tom Brady is a shoe in for the Football Hall of Fame, and arguably one of the best quarterbacks of all time. This one incident could tarnish his reputation and legacy. It makes you think, is Tom Brady a cheater? That’s the question Tom doesn’t want you to think and is why he will continue to fight to prove he’s not guilty of any wrongdoing.